Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week nine: A Mess

March 25th, 2012

So, you are probably thinking that I'm terrible at this weekly business...and you are completely right about that. However, it doesn't bother me even slightly ;)

We recently went on vacation for almost a week and it was amazing! So great to get away from all of the chaos. It wasn't a super relaxing get-a-way however. We went skiing in the mountains and I was exhausted every evening and was in bed early...seems about right on track with my every day life back home. Asher was a stud on the trip, he rode great in the car and it's a 12 hour trip one way! He's been a bit of a handful since being back home but he's a boy so I shouldn't expect any less right? We make messes daily...usually big ones but I haven't captured any of them on camera lately. So, with this week's challenge (and I use "week" loosely here haha), I opted to take a picture of a whole different type of mess that has showed its' lovely head -no pun intended- Asher's blondie curls! They are exceptionally crazy right after bath time. So, here ya go...our latest "mess" ;)


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