Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feeling Flutters

July 10th , 2010

I'm pretty sure that I felt baby move today! I remember what it feels like from last time and I've been feeling little flutters throughout the day. It's amazing...definitely my favorite part about being pregnant. There is nothing more exciting than feeling the first movements of your little one. I sure have missed that feeling! I'm just so happy, I had to share!

Oh, and Danny got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time today. I used my fetal doppler and of course when he was watching, I couldn't find it right away. It took me a couple of minutes but I did find it eventually....what a beautiful sound! Baby's little heart was beating at about 155 bpm! Danny thought it was pretty neat.

Gosh, it's amazing how much I love this baby already! I can't wait to meet him/her in December!


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