Monday, December 12, 2011

Still uncertain...but the view sure is better!

December 12th, 2011

Sorry I didn't update here sooner after our appointment. I'll try my best to explain how the appointment went. After joking about me wanting to give him gray hair, our OB discussed everything in depth with us.

First, he confirmed that I did have Vasa Previa with my last pregnancy. HOLY CRAP what a blessing it was that he diagnosed it before it was too late. The past week, I've been reading more about the condition and it chills me to know that it has an almost 100% mortality rate because it usually goes undetected until it's too late. Asher is truly a miracle, no doubt about that! Thankfully, the likelihood of Vasa Previa repeating in another pregnancy is almost unheard of.

We then talked a lot about if we should or should not try again. He stated that I would obviously be high-risk and be monitored in the same way I was with my pregnancy with Asher but that there is no reason medically to tell us not to. He said that the things that have happened during our past pregnancies are unlikely to happen again. That's not saying something bad won't happen...every pregnancy poses risks. But he said that he wouldn't be surprised at all if our next pregnancy went off without a bumps at all! That is encouraging and just what I needed to hear in my process of moving forward. All women take a risk when getting pregnant...and for us, it's no different.

So, we got our doctors' blessings, so to speak, and it is in our hands. It is our decision. Obviously, it will be worrisome and stressful just like it was last time, even before any complications arose. We have to decide if we want to go through the benefits outweigh the worries and risks? Do I want to chance being on bedrest, hospitalization, premature birth and NICU time....does having another bundle of joy and a sibling for Asher make all of that worthwhile? It's hard choice, not one we will take lightly. I just know that whatever decision we make, we have to put it in God's control and know that He will take care of us!

So I be continued


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