Tuesday, November 15, 2011


November 15th, 2011

Asher is 1 year old today! It hardly seems possible that he has already had his first birthday. You think time flies before you have kids, it really goes once you have a little one! What an amazing year it has been. I can't put into words how much joy and love Asher has brought into my life. He is truly the most precious little thing I have ever laid eyes on. I can't imagine life without him!

One year ago today, I heard the most beautiful sound a person will ever hear....the sound of a newborn crying after his birth! I've been dreaming of that sound for years and I finally got that moment. I got to see his gorgeous little face for only a minute before he was taken to the NICU but that site is still fresh in my mind. And holding him for the first time, one of my proudest moments! He was and is just perfect and I couldn't be a happier mommy!

Thinking of all the obstacles he had to overcome the first few weeks in life, it's hard to believe what a little man he has become! All the of things he's learned and how much he's grown, it's a miracle and a blessing!

This morning, one year later, Asher woke up right around his birth time! I looked at the clock when Danny went into his room to pick him up and bring him to our bed...it was 7:49 am (he was born at 7:48 am.) We all three laid in bed and Danny and I sang happy birthday to him. He looked at us like we were weirdos at first but then he smiled! We finally got up and looked outside....it had snowed!! Asher was pretty intrigued by the snowflakes softly falling outside. Daddy brought some snow in so that he could have his first feel of it. It went straight in his mouth haha! After his late morning nap, we went to town for his 1 year pictures at the Loft. We had so much fun and Asher loved showing off! I think his favorite part was eating MORE cake. I can't wait to see them. Waiting 3 weeks is going to be torture but I know it will be worth it. After pictures we headed home and Asher took a long nap...pictures must have wore him out. When he woke up, we just played the rest of the day and evening...just enjoying our little son! When I put him to bed tonight, I had to give him an extra little squeeze and kiss. He just means so much to me, I love him so very much! I thank God every day for allowing us to have such an amazing little person in our lives...how did we ever get so lucky!?!

Happy 1st birthday Asher Mitchell...you are my shining star and I love you to pieces!!!


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