Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May 4th, 2011

I need to vent....what better place to do that right? If you are a person who is easily offended, you may not want to read this. There, that's my disclaimer. Read at your own will!

Children are beautiful. Children are innocent. Children deserve the best. They deserve YOUR best! I know that issues have been around forever but I guess since my generation is having kids now, my eyes have been opened. There are so many fucked up things going on and I don't understand how parents can behave the way they do (excuse my language!) This isn't just things I see on the news; these are things I see going on around me. People I know.

When you have a child, you can no longer be selfish. If you smoke and drink before getting pregnant, it is YOUR responsibility to quit, FULL STOP. It's a very selfish and disgusting thing to take your own child's health for granted. I cannot and will not respect a person as a parent who cannot put aside their selfish desires and do what is best for the sake of their child. Sure, you may get lucky and your child may turn out just fine. But it's a risk and it's not one that you should be willing to take. Would you shove a lit cigarette in your newborns' mouth or fill their bottle with booze? I doubt it. Well, when you're pregnant, your baby is consuming what you do. It's the same thing and it's revolting. I hear the "well my mom smoked while she was pregnant and I turned out okay" excuse and let me tell you, NO YOU DIDN'T. 30 years ago they didn't know the bad affects it had. Now everyone knows! If you are stupid enough to do this when knowing how bad it obviously didn't turn out okay. Try again!

So, you wanted kids but now you are feeling tied down? You think you deserve to go out partying every weekend? Think again. You brought these children into the world. They are YOUR responsibility. I have absolutely no problem with parents going out on special occasions or having date nights. But the constant partying, drinking, sleeping around, are an adult. You are a parent. You gave up your right to be completely irresponsible when you had kids. Grow up! Take responsibility. Spend quality time with your kids, every day! I must say, when I see a facebook status from a parent that says "Had a great time tonight with my kids" it makes me sick. Don't be proud that you spent a night with your kids. That's your job. It's not something to be patted on the back for. You should be having those nights every night. Kids need stability. Again, grow up!

Let's not even get started on the people who cannot financially or emotionally support the children they already have but decide to have more. If you are living off of the government and don't have a job, please don't have anymore kids. It's so unfair and irresponsible. Or how about the people who use their kids for arguments with their spouse? What a crock of shit. You should never fight in front of your kids and even more important, do not use them as ammunition! And worst of all, something I can barely even talk about is abuse. If you cannot control your temper and resort to hitting, pushing, shaking, or any other physical assault....aghhh, I can't even go there! No child deserves to be abused and neglected. It breaks my heart!

I admit that I am definitely an overly emotional person and I'm also very sensitive when it comes to this topic because of things that I've been through. Having to visit my first born's grave site rather than see his beautiful face every day and then having my second born with risky complications during pregnancy and a scary NICU stay, you can probably understand why I am so passionate about this. Also, I will be the first to say that I am by no means a perfect parent. I make mistakes constantly and I am learning every day. But the things above are common sense. These aren't every day, ordinary mistakes. If you chose to be a parent, than BE ONE! Your child deserves the best you can give. Put aside your selfish ways and give them your best you!

Rant over.


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