Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring has sprung!

April 12th, 2011

Oh how nice it is to see the sun, the birds chirping, black dirt in the fields and water....oooooh the water! Okay, so the water part isn't so nice. There is A LOT of it! Yesterday we decided to go for a nice little drive around the countryside and found that many of the roads were drowning. We are still staying at my parents place for now (hopefully not much longer!!!!) and there are only 2 ways out of here. A road to the west and a road to the east. The road to the west is slowly deteriorating from the force of the water and the road to the east looks like a river! Soon, we may be trapped. Hm, that doesn't sound too fun. Anyone want to adopt 2 adults and a baby for a few weeks? ;)

Anyway, besides the overwhelming amount of water there is around here, I'm just so happy to be back. We were in Fargo to move all of our things back last weekend and boy, I don't miss it! What a nutty place. Yuck! Hopefully we will be able to move into our future home soon. Things are really rolling now with that and I can't wait. I miss having our own place. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is removing wallpaper haha. But I am SO excited to be living in the country again. I'm a true country girl at heart.

I don't have any big updates on Asher. Still no teeth but still very much teething! He's also really giggling now which is just the best!!! He loves to watch the puppy Lucy run around and he also loves to watch cousin Gianna sing and dance. I'm really really looking forward to getting outside with him and going for walks. I think my sanity may come back a little once we can get outdoors.

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