Friday, November 12, 2010

Unexpected blessing in disguise

November 12th, 2010

Nothing ever seems to come easy for Danny and I. If you've been keeping up with my pregnancy, you know how stressful it's been for me. I guess I wasn't worried enough because things just got a little more complicated.

I worked last weekend and was feeling exhausted. On Monday, I left work early and decided to go home to rest but I just didn't feel right. I had noticed a decrease in movement as well as just not feeling great. I was scheduled to have my regular NST on Tuesday but I decided to call the clinic on Monday afternoon just to see if I should maybe come in earlier. Guess my mama bear instincts have already set it. They told me to come in for my NST that afternoon and the doctor decided he also wanted another ultrasound. I've had numerous ultrasounds now so I somewhat know what they are looking for but this time was a little different. The technologist was paying extra close attention to the placenta and the umbilical cord. When I met with the doctor right after the ultrasound, I already suspected that something was not right. He explained that they baby looks great but that it looked like there was a vessel that was unprotected by the cord or placenta and that it could cause serious complications. Instantly, my eyes filled up and my head started to spin...serious complications is something I don't know that I could deal with. He admitted me to the hospital to be monitored around the clock.

The complication is called Vasa Previa. The infant death rate is huge when not diagnosed because of how fast complications can happen. If the membranes rupture or the cervix begins to dialate, the vessel could be severed and the baby most likely will bleed to death. However, the chances for fetal survival are much better once diagnosed and this is why we are ever so lucky! God was looking out for us on Monday! The baby will need to be delivered by c-section so surgery is in my near future. We are all hoping that everything will stay calm and we are able to keep this baby from being delivered for a couple of more weeks to ensure that development is more mature. So for now, I am spending my days hooked up to a monitor so that I can listen to my precious little one's heartbeat at every moment.

They gave me two steroid shots to help with the lung development of baby and on Tuesday I was given a 24 hour dose of Magnesium Sulfate to help with the neurological development of baby. I can handle 2 shots in the buttcheek but boy did that Magnesium Sulfate mess me up! I had a headache, my neck hurt, my eyes were unfocused and blurry and I hardly had any appetite. Luckily when they shut it off, I began to feel normal again after a few hours. Thursday and Friday have been good days. I've had a few visitors which has been great. It's fun to see my friends and family and it definitely helps to pass the time. It's evident how important a solid support system is in a time like this. I don't know what I would do without the love, support and prayers of the people around me.

Sunday is my 26th birthday. Sitting in a hospital bed isn't exactly my idea of a grand ole time but knowing that my baby is being looked after is all the birthday gift I can ask for! There is nothing more important to me than bringing this baby into the world as happy and healthy as possible! So even though I may not be happy to be here, I feel blessed to know that we are being taken care of. I have an amazing doctor and he's very proactive!

Monday we will see a specialist from maternal medicine. I will be getting a thorough ultrasound scan of the placenta and cord to confirm or disprove the diagnosis. I'm hoping that it's possible that this vessel being unprotected just isn't the case. That would help me sleep better at night. But either way, I know the plan is still the same and I will be here until baby arrives. I will try update once we know more after that appointment.

For now, we just continue to ask for prayers for our precious baby! There is nothing more spectacular than the miracle of life. I am a mother and this baby is my world....I would do anything and everything to make it possible for baby to be healthy. God is good and we are optimistic!

Baby Hermanson, I know I am unable to wrap you in my arms tonight, but I am so grateful that we can wrap our prayers around you and know that God's hands are protecting you! You are safe in God's love.


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