Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's in a name?

September 7th, 2010

So we've been asked a lot about finding out the gender of our little one. If you are reading this, I can let you know right now that you will probably just have to wait until December for the big surprise!! Don't be sad....surprises are fun :)

We've also been asked about names. I can assure you that we have a few picked out for each gender. But, Danny and I agreed that we have to see baby before we decide on a name. I don't think we will have much trouble though, because we both have similar likes/dislikes when it comes to this. I can tell you what kinds of names you won't be seeing on our child though.

1. Boys names on girls. Masculine names like Ryan, Kyle, James, Aidan, Finley, Elliot, and Evan will not be found on a girl of ours. To me, these are strictly boys names and a sweet, beautiful, precious little girl of mine is going to have a pretty girls name. I'm a big fan of leaving the boys names to the boys! Gender confusion is no fun.
***Note: I'm okay with boyish nicknames for example: Charlotte nn Charlie, Aurora nn Rory, Francesca nn Frankie, Johanna nn Joe

2. 'Y' in place of any or every vowel. Unless a 'y' is supposed to be included, you won't be finding one in our childs' name. I do not think that adding a 'y' makes a name cute, different, or feminine. Unless we decide on a name like Kelly or Jeremy, there will be no random 'y'.

3. Misspellings. I'm a smart, educated woman. To me, misspelling a name makes a parent look uneducated and illiterate. Some people go way too far in my opinion, to the point you can't even recognize the name. Spelling a name different from the common or traditional spelling doesn't make the name different or unique. To me, it's just the same old name with a crazy spelling.

4. Cutesy names. Things like Destiny, Heaven, Princess, Nevaeh, Trinity, etc...belong on pets in my opinion. This is just a personal preference. I can't imagine having to introduce myself as Princess.

So what have you learned about me from this post other than I may be a bit of a name snob? Well, you can expect a well named baby due in December of course ;) haha

For an idea of what style you might see on baby Hermanson, here are some names that I love but Danny nixed:
Boys: Aidric, Beckett, Callum, Dietrich, Ezra, Frey, Graham, Kai, Lachlan, Noah, Wesley
Girls: Adelaide, Bryony, Catalina, Cecily, Eliza, Freya, Ivy, Louisa, Norah, Violet

Don't worry, there were a few on my list he didn't veto...our baby will be named, hopefully without too much discussion when the time comes!


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